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At Stickman, we offer a variety of services including Nelson™ Stud welding.

Nelson offers a full line of standard in stock fasteners for quick shipment, as well as custom designed fasteners to meet your specific needs. To view a list of stocked parts and part numbers, click here.

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External Threaded Studs

  • B5L Bent Collar Studs
  • CFL Fully Threaded Studs
  • CFP/CPP/FFP/FPP Small Diameter
  • CJL Reduced Base Studs
  • CKL Collar Studs
  • CPL Partially Threaded Studs
  • HBL Full Base Diameter Threaded
  • SBL, VBL Shoulder Studs
  • Watertight Nuts
  • Concrete Anchors

    • D2L Deformed Anchor
    • H4L Concrete Anchor
    • S3L Shear Connector

    High Strength Studs

    • High Strength

    Internal Threaded Studs

    • TBL Internally Threaded Studs
    • S6L Sprinkler Studs

    Capacitor Discharge (CD)

    • TATC/TATS/TATA Auto-Feed Threaded CD Studs
    • TFNC/TFNS/TFNA Flanged Unthreaded CD Studs
    • TFTC/TFTS/TFTA Flanged Threaded CD Studs
    • TUTC/TUTS/TUTA Unflanged Threaded CD Studs

    Short Cycle Automotive Fasteners

    • AXC “Fir Tree” Studs
    • “W”-Top Wide Flange Studs
    • Grounding Studs
    • H8X “T” Studs

    Short Cycle Stored Arc Fasteners

    • ANC/ANS/ANA Unthreaded Stored Arc ® Studs
    • ATC/ATS/ATA Threaded Stored Arc ® Studs

    Stud Weld Cable Hanger Fasteners

    • Banding Style Cable Hangers
    • CrimpLok ™ Cable Hangers

    Stud Weld Aluminum Fasteners

    • CKA Aluminum Collar Studs
    • HBA Full Base Threaded Aluminum Studs
    • N3A Navy Type Annular Pin
    • NBA Unthreaded Aluminum Studs
    • SBA Threaded Aluminum Shoulder Studs
    • TBA Internally Threaded Aluminum Studs

    Cold Formed Parts

    • Cold Formed Parts

    Metric Studs

    • ANC/ANS/ANA Unthreaded Stored Arc ®
    • ATC/ATS/ATA Threaded Stored Arc ® Studs
    • CKL Collar Studs
    • MD Fully Threaded Studs
    • MPF Partially Threaded Studs
    • MP Partially Threaded Studs
    • MR Reduced Base Studs
    • NBL Unthreaded Studs
    • TBL Internally Threaded Studs
    • TFNC/TFNS/TFNA Flanged Unthreaded Capacitor Discharge Studs
    • TFTC/TFTS/TFTA Flanged Threaded Capacitor Discharge Studs

    Rectangular Studs

    • R1P/R1L Rectangular Stud Without Hole
    • R2P Rectangular Notched Stud 
    • R5P Strand Support Stud
    • R6P Rectangular Slotted Stud
    • R7P Rectangular Stud with Hole
    • R9L Rope Hook Studs 
    • RWP Wiggley Strand Support Stud
    • RXX Fiberlok ™ Stud

    Refractory Anchors and Insulation Studs

    • F3L Flanged Collar Studs
    • L2L Lagging Stud with Hole
    • S4X "Y" Refractory Anchor Studs
    • S7X Steerhorn Refractory Anchor Studs
    • CHP Cupped Head Insulation Pin
    • N3P Navy Type Annular Ring
    • P2P Double Pointed Insulation Pin
    • TPC Single Pointed Insulation Pin

     Unthreaded Studs

    • B4L/B4P Reinforcing Standoff Support Studs
    • E2L "Eyebolt” Studs
    • J2L "J” Bolt Studs
    • NBL Unthreaded Studs 
    • NJL Reduced Base Unthreaded Studs
    • S2L Setlok Studs
    • XBL/XXL Round Corner Square Studs


    • Standard Ferrules
    • Rectangular Ferrules
    • Double Reduced Base Ferrules
    • Refractory Anchor Ferrules
    • Special Applications
      • Welding at an Angle to a Base Plate
      • Welding to Curved Surfaces
      • Welding to Edges of Base Plates
      • Welding Into Fillets and Onto Heels
      • Stripping Straight Off Headed Studs
      • Welding to Vertical Surfaces
      • Welding Through Metal Deck


    • Chucks
      • Stud Weld Gun Imperial Dimension Chucks
      • Stud Weld Gun Metric Dimension Chucks
      • Capacitor Discharge Weld Gun Chucks
      • Screw On Chucks & Extensions to Reach Into Ferrule Tubing & Holes
    • Feet
    • Ferrule Grips and Ferrule Holders
    • Miscellaneous Stud Welding Accessories
    • Miscellaneous Capacitor Discharge Accessories
    • Miscellaneous Stored Arc ® Accessories

    Fabricating Solutions
    403-692-9353 (Weld)


    Office: 4634C 6A Street NE, Calgary, Alberta T2E 4B5

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